The Best Exchanges to buy Bitcoin in Canada with Credit/Debit Cards

The Best Exchanges to buy Bitcoin in Canada with Credit/Debit Cards

Some people prefer buying Bitcoin in cash, others want to buy this cryptocurrency via direct bank transfers or electronic payment processors. However, most Canadians are looking for a way to buy Bitcoin with credit/debit cards. In case you are one of them, you should know that there is a long list of exchanges where you can buy Bitcoin in Canada. Of course, most of them are not focused only on Bitcoin and they are letting users buy other cryptocurrencies too like Bitcoin Gold or Ethereum. In addition, some of them are accepting other payment methods too. In any case, they are reliable and efficient online exchanges.


Coinbase is an US-based online exchange. This is one of the largest Bitcoin exchanges in the world. After a short registration process, Canadian users can start buying Bitcoins and other digital currencies in a matter of minutes because the registration process is simple and easy.


This is another example of a good Bitcoin exchange site that allows buying bitcoins with debit or credit cards. Keep in mind that this exchange has relatively high fees which are usually around 10%. At this moment, Canadian users can buy up to 5000 CAD worth Bitcoins a day and up to 20000 CAD worth Bitcoins a month. Remember to verify your account to make quick transfers.


The list continues with QuadrigaCX which is a genuine Canadian Bitcoin exchange. This Vancouver-based platform supports a wide range of currencies, has many different transfer solutions and relatively low fees. Yet, it could’ve been better if they support more digital currencies not just a few of them.


This is another Canadian-based online Bitcoin exchange. This time, it’s based in Toronto and it’s known for the user-friendly interface. If you use Coinsquare you can use different fiat currency deposits. What’s unique about Coinsquare is that this website allows trade in different forms of metals too. With the competitive fees and useful mobile apps for iOS and Android, this exchange has become a personal favorite of many Canadians.


Finally, there is an exchange that accepts credit/debit card deposits that is based in British Columbia. It’s very easy to use ezBTC and this is one of the exchanges that have extremely low and even no trading fees in some cases. They are also offering a long list of digital currencies.

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